Olive Oil

Since the company was founded in Aydin, Turkey, we have been committed to introducing the highest quality extra virgin olive oil produced in Turkey to the world. Our olive tree fields spread across 14,000 ²m of land across the sun basked mountains of Anatolian.

“Attika” produce a distinctive organic collection of naturally infused olive oils, instilled with orange, lemon, bergamot, thyme, hot pepper and tea. Natural fruits and spices are processed with our olives to bring a wonderfully distinctive taste and aroma to your table. We pride ourselves by using ingredients that are 100% organic and free from any additives. Our delicious youthful products present a winning culinary experience.

We ensure the highest quality by using our three-stage decanter purification process and a specialized cold press system. As this is a process without heat, the olives preserve their delicate flavour and aroma. The cold press infusion process results in extra virgin olive oil that has a unique aroma and delicate smooth finish.

The region’s ancestry in olive oil production and its emphasis on traditional methods of crop handling, allow us to create some of the world’s finest olive oils. We hand-pick and inspect all of our olives and produce each bottle ourselves to guarantee superior quality. Each stage of the process, beginning with the land in which the olive trees are groomed, to the final stage of the bottling, is in-line with the highest international standards set by the European Union, NOP and JAS.

In 2012, Attika’s lemon-infused extra virgin olive oil was awarded the Silver Medal in the medium range category at the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition in Los Angeles, USA. The Attika label was also awarded the Bronze medal at the International Olive Oil Competition held in China and a Gold Medal at Japan’s olive oil competition in 2012.

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