About Wine

Thanks to the Aegean’s mild weather and fertile soils, Atay’s 82,000 ²m plantations are famed for its rich harvests. The unique climate of the region provides the grapes with an intense fruit aroma and deep rich flavour.

Our grapes are carefully handpicked by our team of experienced skilled harvesters before being processed with the filtration process kept to a minimum to enhance our wine’s rich flavour. Over 100,000 bottles are lovingly produced each year, with a particular focus on red wine due to the unique characteristics of the region.

Prodom, the Latin word meaning ‘the highest quality of grape water acquired in the first pressing session’ is our premium label and includes a selection of divine red, white and rose wines. The wine is fermented in 225 liter French oak barrels, over 4-14 month periods, depending on the grape variety and aging profile. Prodom has successfully put my grandfather’s philosophy on the world wine map with the success of its debut red blend back in 2006.

Tellus, ‘Mother Earth’, is available in red and rose, offering a balanced structure, silky taste, mature grains and a soft body. The formation of the sediment is natural because of the limited filtration process.

Our Barudi range, available in red, white and rose wines, is infused with the historic hints of charcoal ancestry of the land. This selection has a flexible character that would be welcomed by anyone’s palate.

Indeed, the family now warmly invites the world to enjoy the philosophy of my grandfather and pour from our range of sun-kissed, quality, lovingly produced and beautiful luxurious wines.

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