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Wines from Aegean Region

It is written in my DNA that I should enjoy the bounty that thrives and is produced by the prosperous and ancient lands of the Aegean, the place where I was born and grew up. And yet, it was not until I moved to London that I understood the wisdom of my grandfather when he would reach to pick a tangerine from its branch and as he smelled it, turn to me and say,

“This is luxury!”

With the spark ignited, in the summer of 2006, the Atay family launched a winery with the aim of revitalizing the Aegean region’s ancient tradition of luxury and fine viticulture. About one- fifth of all Turkish wine is made from the productive vines grown around Izmir, the beautiful city where the family originates. With the help of some of Europe’s finest Enologists, the winery proudly progressed in wine production by cultivating a range of Turkish and French heritage exclusive varieties. Before long, Atay wines were being enjoyed across Europe’s capital cities.

Melisa Atay

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